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self-mastery = flow

The Avocado Syndrome

For the last few months, I have been observing a new pattern unfolding. It has to do with an almost magical manifestation of the things that I need in my life. I call it the avocado syndrome, after its most recent occurrence.

In said avocado experience, I had a random conversation with my mother about how much I love the luscious fruit (vegetable?) and how my body was feeling the need to eat more of them. Being a person prone to strong feelings, I experienced a moment of deep gratitude for the existence of such creamy green goodness in the world. My mother offered me one, which I ate with deep enjoyment.

Later that night, I was returning from the local grocery store when I realized that I had forgotten to stock up on them. As I exited my car in the dark and cold suburban night, a voice floated to me from the street: “do you like avocados?”

I jumped and clutched my keys defensively, a holdover from my days of living in Manhattan, when a sudden voice in the darkness was a matter for concern. Relaxing, I noticed it was only a friendly neighbor woman walking her dog. She explained that she had bought too many avocados and that they were all ripe. She hated to see them go to waste, and was wondering if I would like them. I have been in avocado heaven for days.

Over the past few months, especially since following my heart to set up a home in Spain, these types of things have been occurring at an almost unimaginable rate. A sanctuary in which to acclimate to the new city, a conscious community, a dream project, a house straight from my vision board, a car, warm bedding for the winter, a printer, a dog looking like my beloved Lucy, and even a pair of slippers materialized almost magically once I identified the need and spoke it out loud.

When we face difficult transitions or periods of great change in our life, it is essential to keep the faith. Sailing through difficulties with as much equanimity as possible, and releasing them once they have passed, allows us to learn the lesson they had to teach. By letting them go once they have served their purpose, we keep ourselves open to receiving more of the things we want in life.

How does this happen? How do we release into the flow of life, and stay there regardless of what is tossed at us?

For me, the answer lies in the process of self-mastery.

There are many ways to access self-mastery. Please join me over the next few weeks as I discuss the ways that have worked for me and my clients.

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