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Researcher, Storyteller, Facilitator

Embodied Mindfulness

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Living proof and advocate for the healing power of yoga

Stress and chronic pain were a fact of life for 20 years, when I lived as a corporate executive in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC.  Then two top surgeons in Manhattan told me that I required a hip replacement within six months. 


That was over 10 years ago.  

Using the science of yoga, meditation and nutrition, I developed an holistic therapeutic program that enabled me to not only heal my own hip, but also to transition to living a happier more balanced life.

As a testament to the power we possess inside, my original hips and I walked 500 miles in four weeks along El Camino de Santiago in 2010.  I found a spiritual home on that famous pilgrimage across northern Spain, and have been guiding empowerment journeys there since 2013.

Since closing the door on my Manhattan life in 2009, I've been on the journey of a lifetime.  Exploring the places that speak to my heart.  Creating projects that feel like my soul's work.

A global nomad, learning and growing is what motivates me. 


I've lived in the jungles of Costa Rica and on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, the deserts of Arizona and the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the centers of politics, entertainment and finance in Washington DC, Los Angeles and Manhattan. 


What I've learned is that balance, wellbeing and power are available for each of us - when we find and act from our center.

I believe in the good in people.  Given the right tools, it's possible to access that central core of goodness no matter how your journey has unfolded.  An empowered, inclusive and sustainable life is possible for everyone.

My passion and focus lie in developing and guiding immersive learning experiences.  The tools of my trade are embodied mindfulness practices to empower the individual, combined with evidence-based storytelling.

In this way, I hope to do my part in making the world a more compassionate and connected place.

As a researcher/storyteller/guide, I've written two books on mindfulness. 


The first - Do You Think You Will Break? - tells the story of my personal journey, while also teaching about the multidimensional self. 

My second book manuscript - The Four Archetypes of Power - is based on a multi-tiered primary research study into power dynamics.  With stories from around the world, it teaches how to develop ethical power through embodied mindfulness.

Prior to setting off on my hero's journey, my business career was built on researching, understanding and predicting market and customer behavior.  I built data-driven communications and processes for three global organizations.  Over 15 years were devoted to mentoring, coaching and developing employees in the many departments I managed.

Master level certifications as a yoga educator and transformational coach complement an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a Bachelors of Arts in communications & psychology from Shippensburg University. 

When I'm not on a journey, I can be found in the woods hiking, at the beach or on my yoga mat.  And spending quality time with family, friends and my beloved dog, Priya.

I would love to hear about your own journey.  Please be in touch.

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