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Meet Robin

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Robin Patino, MBA, RYT500

Founder, Program & Content Lead

Living proof and advocate for the healing power of yoga

Stress and chronic pain were a fact of life for 20 years, when I lived as a corporate executive in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC.  Then two top surgeons in Manhattan told me that I required a hip replacement within six months. 

That was over 10 years ago.

Using the science of yoga, meditation and nutrition, I developed an holistic therapeutic program that enabled me to not only heal my own hip, but also to transition to living a happier more balanced life.

As a testament to the power we possess inside, my original hips and I walked 500 miles in four weeks along El Camino de Santiago in 2010.  I found a spiritual home on that famous pilgrimage across northern Spain, and have been guiding empowerment journeys there since 2013.

What I've learned is that balance and wellbeing are available for each of us - when we prioritize practices to find and act from our center.

A fascination with motivation and human behavior guided my early career as a research and communications strategist in the political worlds of Washington DC and Los Angeles. Moving to New York City in the aftermath of September 11th, I funneled my passion for behavioral research into branding for a global corporation. 

At the same time, I also dove into the world of personal transformation, Buddhism and Yoga to find peace in a world shaken by tragedy. I also wanted to better understand the destructive behavioral patterns that led to my own stress-related illnesses and extra 30 pounds.

Through these practices, I found the courage to leave a life that no longer fit me. In 2009, I closed the door on my Manhattan home and a 20-year business career, to embark on a two-year journey of healing and self-discovery.


My adventures took me to Costa Rica to live and train as a yoga teacher, to El Camino de Santiago, and ultimately to the publication of my first book, Do You Think You Will Break?

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Since 2009, I have been facilitating mindfulness and creating transformational experiences to help participants access their innate wisdom and wellbeing by working with the body and its systems in a restorative way.  


My personal story of dramatic healing and purpose transition informs my work as a transformational guide and mindfulness facilitator for personal wellbeing and leadership development.

When I'm not on a journey, I can be found in the woods hiking, at the beach or on my yoga mat.  And spending quality time with family, friends and my beloved dog, Priya.

I would love to hear about your own journey. 

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