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Looking Forward With Gratitude

We’ve reached the time of year when “Best Of” lists start showing up everywhere. What will make it to your gratitude list, after this unprecedented rollercoaster of 2020?

Challenges this year brought us home to the more basic and fundamental things that support our lives. They stretched us to be kind while doing more with limited time, mobility and resources.

Disruption is the gateway to innovation, according to many business and technology gurus. If we had not been required to shift our routines, we would not have grown from the new challenges, experiences and connections that were presented to us.

As we wrapped on GloForward’s first online workshop this week, I had a chance to reflect on my own learning experiences and gratitudes of the year. In the process of bringing together Core Stability in a World of Wobble, several blessings were crystal clear.

Here’s my Top 5 list of gratitudes:

  1. My female friends, the women who have graced my journey through each era and each aspect. They all remain dear to my heart, no matter how recent or distant our connection. None more so than my friend and Co-Founder, Lisa.

  2. A deeper dive into my practice as a yoga student and educator. I’m grateful for the core strength it provides in keeping my balance through life’s wobbles, and for the connection to my heart’s purpose.

  3. The opportunity to be of service to women through GloForward. Women shoulder enormous responsibilities in creating the future, whether through shaping their children or the important work they do in the world. Empowering women with supportive tools lessens unnecessary stress and suffering and enables a kinder, more compassionate world.

  4. The beauties of the natural world and its creatures. Every day, I’m grateful for my sweet dog, Priya, who brings me back into my heart, and for daily nature walks that remind me there is a higher power at play and to have faith.

  5. The goodness I see in people everywhere, shining through adversity, and standing bravely for what is ethical and just. I salute our healthcare practitioners and frontline workers, rescue and charity workers helping those who are struggling, as well as people everywhere with their small everyday acts of kindness.

Looking forward, there is hope and a new year on the horizon. Please join our growing community of strong women who are adapting with authenticity and resilience to support each other and those they love.

We hope you’ll share your own gratitude list with us.

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