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Mindful Adventures on El Camino de Santiago

Alt de Perdon, El Camino de Santiago
Find your center in an uncentered world.
Therein lies your power.
GF Own the Change
May 6 - 14, 2022  (Leon to Ponferrada*)
Sept. 9 - 17, 2022 (Pamplona to Logroño)
* option to walk on to Santiago
Find Your Center
May 15 - 23, 2022  (Ponferrada to Sarria*)
Sept. 18 - 26, 2022 (Logroño to Burgos)
* option to walk on to Santiago
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The Power of Inner Peace

Leave behind stress and conflict. 

Find your power by immersing in a journey of growth.  It's there inside you, waiting to be accessed.

The world needs it now.

A Visual Tour of El Camino
A History of the Way
El Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago is one of the world’s great pilgrimage routes and also a UNESCO World Heritage site, with monuments of historical significance all along the way.

Read more about the cultural or spiritual significance of this powerful and highly traveled path to fulfilling one’s intentions.

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