Find your center

in an uncentered world

Alt de Perdon, El Camino
Mindful Adventures on El Camino

Leave behind your cares and worries. 

Find your power by immersing in a journey of growth.  It's there inside you, waiting to be seen.

The world needs it now.


Yoga     -     Balance     -     Mindfulness

Embodied practices to keep you centered and empowered.

Consistently clarifying and balancing our physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs optimizes your wellbeing.

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Meet Robin

I'm a citizen of the world.  An advocate for compassion, kindness and connection.  A research and strategy consultant.  A yoga and meditation teacher.  A 20-year business veteran.  A responsible and collaborative leader.  A transformational coach and author.  A balanced and happy individual.  A fellow human being.