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Mindful Adventures on El Camino de Santiago

GF Own the Change
May 6 - 14, 2022  (Leon to Ponferrada*)
Sept. 9 - 17, 2022 (Pamplona to Logroño)
* option to walk on to Santiago
Find Your Center
May 15 - 23, 2022  (Ponferrada to Sarria*)
Sept. 18 - 26, 2022 (Logroño to Burgos)
* option to walk on to Santiago
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The Power of Inner Peace

Pick that area of life where you would like more power and more peace. 


Maybe it's coping with stress or anxiety, letting go of a loss, finding new purpose or creating something new for yourself or loved ones.  Whatever it is, your journey starts with the first step.


Take that step, and go on an empowerment journey with us.

During your time on El Camino, you will find your center of power by:

  • immersing in meditation, restorative & empowering practices

  • developing equanimity in the face of whatever arises

  • focusing your energy on a goal and achieving it

  • letting go of resistance and self-doubt

  • being supported as your authentic self

  • nurturing your innate loving kindness

  • engaging with diverse community perspectives

  • enjoying all that Spain has to offer

  • absorbing the vital energy of nature

  • connecting with a higher power 

  • building practices to sustain you throughout life

Join us as we walk the path together, centering ourselves in daily mindful practices and experiencing support.


For thousands of years, pilgrims have found balance, clarity and resilience on El Camino de Santiago.

Allow yourself to be nourished by the power and peace of this ancient path.

Enjoy your days walking through the beauty of Spain’s most celebrated wine regions, mesetas and mountains.  

Visit medieval villages, sleep in historic buildings, and explore UNESCO world heritage sites.

Travel as a true pilgrim, in a unique curated group experience. Embrace the support of community while having the freedom and space to honor your own needs.


During our retreat, you will have very few distractions.  Your purpose will simply be to walk, eat, sleep and connect – to live in the present.  


And to be open to the insights that come from whatever crosses your path.

El Camino de Santiago
The Path
The Path
The Program
El Camino de Santiago
The Program

Seven core program elements make these adventures unique from any other retreat:  

  • Meditation techniques to build focus and clarity while walking

  • Restorative yoga to release and recharge the body

  • Journaling to capture key insights of the day

  • Practicing present moment awareness as a way of being

  • Embodying the practice of letting go of the unnecessary

  • Curated group discussion, sharing and coaching on challenges

  • Active enjoyment and gratitude of the beauty and bounty surrounding us.

Central to each component is the development of personal power through discernment.  The ability to make choices about how to respond, rather than reacting blindly to stimulus, is at the heart of our purpose.

For our midday meal, we will share a communal feast after check-in at the day’s destination. Small restaurants have been selected, specializing in delicious three-course menus sourced from the local fields and vineyards we walked through.


Evenings are free to explore the surrounding village, share with fellow travelers or spend time in introspection.


The pilgrim community is connected by commonality of purpose. It creates a very special environment.

Citizens from countries around the world walk El Camino each year.  They bring their backpacks, their unique life experiences, and their openness to something greater. 

Each has the potential to serve as your teacher or simply as a fellow journeyman.

They also bring mindfulness and safe practices in our changing world, along with a respect for the health of others.

Whether you walk the path simply to experience a new adventure, explore your limits and grow, move beyond a challenging situation, or to create something new for yourself - you will be supported.

Santiago de Compostella
A Mindful Adventure on El Camino

Guidance is provided to help you make the most of your journey – including logistical, physical and intentional preparations.  These are all geared to provide you with the most fulfilling experience possible.


  • Pre-trip exercises to strengthen your core and elevate your fitness for the journey

  • Guided meditation to practice the art of stillness

  • Equipment and packing lists

  • Meetups for training hikes in selected cities


The benefits of these pre-journey preparations will be felt immediately in your life.

Package Pricing
The retreat package includes: *
  • 8 nights accommodation (shared)

  • One group dinner every afternoon/evening

  • Daily mentoring and meditation exercises

  • Daily yoga sessions

  • Daily facilitated group circles

  • A pilgrim kit

  • Pre-trip equipment and packing list

  • Pre-trip fitness guidance

  • Informational program and route map

  • Basic travel/accident insurance


* Airfare/transportation to and from starting location in Spain

   is not included


Price:  $2,800 per person

For more information on program specifics, please click below.

Space is limited, so act now. Buen Camino!

Pilgrims on El Camino de Santiago
Package Pricing
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