Embodied practices to keep you centered and empowered.

How many moments a day do you have, when nothing is pulling at you? 

Each thought, each task can pull you farther off center.  They spark the nervous system to action. 


When thoughts are not focused into action or released through mindful activity, the nervous system loses balance.  The "on" switch becomes stuck on.  


The mind races, never quiet.


The body experiences this as generalized feelings of stress, overload or dis-ease.

Trauma or an injuring event, such as an accident or stroke, can also throw the body off balance.

Many today suffer from chronic imbalance.

Living in our heads.  Ignoring the subtle messages from our body.

Chronic Imbalance

Over time, chronic imbalance from lack of embodied awareness frequently manifests as injury or anxiety. 


A means of releasing this unfocused, anxious energy is necessary for maintaining balance.  To prevent injury, practices to keep the body aligned are essential.

Ignoring pain or injury can lead to chronic problems.  The body is drained of vitality, our actions of potency.

Coping mechanisms for anxiety or depression, including substance abuse, only work for so long.  Quality of life and relationships suffer.  Fear becomes generalized, and connection to our source of power is severed.

The solution is simple and effective:


Embodied Mindfulness

Finding Center

Embodied mindfulness restores our balance.


Through somatic movement and meditation, we become present to the body we embody.   The multidimensional self.


Awareness of needs at all dimensions enables us to meet them.  When our needs are met,  our most powerful self emerges. 

The practice of consistently clarifying and balancing our physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs empowers us.

Research shows this to be the single most impactful behavior for our wellbeing and sense of power. 


A daily 15-minute home practice can transform your life.

Private Sessions

Creating a home practice that works in your life can also be simple.  


Like anything worth having, it requires a commitment.  New behaviors can be introduced and adapted into the structure of your current life. 


Immediate benefits will be felt.  More balance and peace.  Less sensitivity to stress and anxiety.

In six facilitated sessions, you can create a mindful yoga practice that fits your life.  Commitment to it will transform your experience of life.

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Finding Center:

Putting it into Practice 

Online Course

Years of helping clients find their center have gone into developing a new online course.


"Finding Center: Putting it into Practice" is guaranteed to provide you with the necessary tools for a life of balance, wellbeing and power.

Your choice whether to practice these tools for 15-minutes a day will determine your life experience.  You hold that power.

The course will be available in late 2019. 


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Immerse yourself in an adventure of embodied mindfulness. 


Prefer an immersive and adventurous approach to jump starting a home practice?


A facilitated 8-day journey along on El Camino de Santiago provides a fun and effective way to develop an embodied mindfulness practice. 


A diverse cohort of fellow travelers will enrich your experience. 

Find out more about upcoming trips.


Upcoming dates:


May 17 - 25, 2021:  Leon to Villafranca del Bierzo (with option to continue to Santiago)

Sept 13 - 21, 2021:  Pamplona to Logroño, Spain

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