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Stability in a World of Wobble

It’s normal, in the face of uncertainty, to feel like you are on unstable ground. As circumstances keep shifting around us, creating new challenges, how do we find our point of balance?

That’s where the practice of mindfulness and yoga come in. These tools serve to center the mind, body and spirit - to find the natural stability that is present in us all.

The Moment of Wobble is a key growth moment in yoga. It is the gateway to learning. When faced with a challenging or unfamiliar situation, you have the choice of what to do next. You can use centering tools to come back into balance. You can try, fall and then begin again. Or you can choose to engage in self-doubt and criticism. You can quit.

Notice what you say to yourself in these moments. As you make the choice to grow and continue on, you are actively reprogramming mental patterns into more empowering ones. Yes, I can. Si se puede.

The mindful alignment cues in this week’s GloSeries video are something you can practice when feeling challenged in your home or in an external situation. Someone is standing too close, not respecting social distancing. Someone is asking something special of you. Emotions and fears are high for yourself and your loved ones.

This practice of embodied mindfulness can bring you back to center in a moment. The more you practice it during challenges, the more your long-term stability is enhanced.

And as you develop your own centeredness, you also create a different environment around you. What impact are you currently having on others? Are they pulling you into their storm, or are you pulling them into your peace?

Choose to create a more stable environment for those you love by being a force of centeredness, calm and grace.

This week’s Mindful Alignment video provides essential tools for returning to balance when faced with wobbly moments.

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