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Embodied Mindfulness Offerings

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Mindful Alignment

Stability in a World of Wobble

The Moment of Wobble is a key growth moment in yoga. It is the gateway to learning.  


When faced with a challenging or unfamiliar situation, you have the choice of what to do next.  


You can use centering tools to come back into balance when you wobble. Or you can choose to quit, and remain unstable.


What you say to yourself in these moment determines your experience of life. 

Stability WoW

The practice of embodied mindfulness gives you tools to come back to center in a moment.  One proven technique is focusing on alignment cues in the body.


The more you practice mindful alignment during challenges, the more your long-term stability is enhanced.

Access my free class video on mindful alignment, and strengthen your ability to keep your balance no matter what the world throws at you.  

Home Practice
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Creating a Home Practice

Creating a home practice that works in your life can be simple.  


It simply requires the decision to block 15 minutes in your calendar for your own self-care. And some guidance on the best practice for your personalized needs.


As a result, you will experience immediate benefits.  More balance and peace, less sensitivity to stress and anxiety. Enhanced well-being and vitality, decreased conflict and upset.

In six facilitated sessions, you can create a mindful yoga practice that fits your needs.  Commitment to it will transform your experience of life.

Sign up now for a free session to immediately enhance your balance and wellbeing. 

Restorative & Therapeutic Practices

In today's multi-tasking world, we seem to never shut off. The mind races, runs to the next thing.

We live in our heads, not in our bodies.

Over time, chronic imbalance from lack of embodied awareness can result in lack of mobility, injury or heightened anxiety. 

Through somatic movement, restorative practices and meditation, we become present once again to the body we embody.


Nervous energy is channeled and released, natural alignment is regained. Our body accesses its natural powers of healing.

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Prefer an immersive and adventurous approach to jump starting a home practice?


A facilitated 8-day journey along on El Camino de Santiago provides a fun and effective way to develop an embodied mindfulness practice. 


A curated and diverse cohort of fellow travelers will enrich your experience. 

Find out more about upcoming trips.


Upcoming dates:


May 6 - 14, 2022:     Leon to Ponferrada*

May 15 - 23, 2022:    Ponferrada to Sarria*

Sept. 9 - 17, 2022:    Pamplona to Logroño

Sept. 18 - 26, 2022:  Logroño to Burgos

* option to walk on to Santiago

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