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Words Are Not Enough

Silence = Complicity

Words are not enough. Action is what matters now.

What we have been witnessing these last few weeks are terrible and moving examples of injustice and outrage—and a fear and grief felt by mothers and fathers, families and friends, whose loved ones face the worst of humanity for doing things that we take for granted. Our hearts are heavy with the recognition that this situation has been endured for too long and must end.

Effective action is driven by understanding and empathy. We understand that we will never truly understand. However, we stand with you.

These tragic events have created a great awakening—and with this awareness we can open the door to change. And we must open this door. Change must happen now. If we remain silent we must accept that we are complicit.

True change comes from within and without, and there are resources and tools available to support it. Change requires that we look inside and examine ourselves and then use available resources to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and personal responsibility.

Here are tools that we have found particularly effective in expanding awareness of our own privilege and how we can take ownership to stamp out injustice now:

How to fight racism and bias through inner work: Berkeley Greater Good Science Center

How to better understand white privilege: Yes Magazine

How to understand racism in America: TedTalks Playlist

How to step up for racial justice right now: Global Citizen

How to manage your own anxiety and well-being in crisis: Grounding Meditation

We are standing with you. #blacklivesmatter

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