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Mindful Adventure Stories


The Balancing Act of Growth

When we sit too long in one position, our body can become fixed. Certain muscles deteriorate, other muscles tighten. This ultimately causes misalignment and physical pain.

The same happens to our mental and emotional patterns of behavior. When we are not stimulated by new information and experiences, we can become rigid. Mindsets become locked, hearts closed. Emotions trigger reactively and defensively, and empathy is lost as a result. From this fixed mindset, adapting to new ideas or ways of being can feel quite challenging.

Are we doomed to be stuck in the patterns of the past, or can we proactively change them and grow? It all depends on how we view the aspect of challenge.

Breathing through the discomfort of challenge enables rigidness to soften. Understanding that the experience of the moment is bound by the universal law of impermanence – that all things change – develops acceptance and self-control. This too shall pass.

By consciously subscribing to a growth mindset, we understand that with practice it will become easier. We can see past experiences as necessary for growth and move beyond them to develop into something more vital and flexible.

Our new Sit Fix practice helps restore flexibility and relieve pain by balancing the core muscle groups impacted by our sedentary lifestyle. With focus and self-awareness to guide us through challenge, we can bring the mind/body/spirit back into its natural balance and alignment.

And check out our guided meditation videos, to further help reduce anxiety and navigate these times of upheaval and change.


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