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Our feminine consciousness exerts its power through attraction rather than activity, like a magnet will attract the iron shavings.

~ Marianne Williamson

The energy or prana body represents our life force, the underlying vitality that animates our physical body. It determines our ability to create the things we desire in life – whether they relate to life’s work, to relationships, to artistic endeavors or anything else productive.

When we fail to regulate our energy, unhealthy conditions manifest such as depression, stress related physical conditions, lack of focus or purpose, and interpersonal and sexual problems. Our ability to attract what we want into our life is seriously impacted.

Once we begin to manage and focus our energy using tools such as yoga, meditation and martial arts, we are able to eliminate the blocks in the flow of our vital life force. We develop skill in concentrating our energy in a productive way, and increase our ability to manifest what we want in life.

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