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Mindful Adventure Stories



Your body is a walking repository of every experience you have ever had in life. Many experiences occur so rapidly or under conditions of such stress that they are stored in the body’s memory in undigested chunks.

~ Don Stapleton

The physical form is the outermost layer of the body, the densest manifestation of who we are. What we take in and retain in this layer ultimately determines our health and our ability to live an active, vital and pain-free life.

When experiences, poor food and nutrition, stress, stored emotions and so on begin to build up, these are the things that make the physical body age or manifest serious health conditions. Conscious choices about what we put into and take out of our body – through diet, yoga, exercise and cleansing – give us the power to live a life that feels good.

By keeping “our human machine” in good operating condition, we enable the body’s optimal performance and can move beyond our physical concerns to evolve to a higher awareness.

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