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Mindful Adventure Stories



If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.

~ Yogi Bhajan

The innermost layer of the self, the bliss body, lies closest to our experience of the divine.

Having balanced our physical, energetic and personality layers and developed our ability to witness life for the lessons it provides, we begin to see that we are all interconnected. Our separateness is the true illusion.

We are an essential part of something bigger, and the way that we act directly impacts the health of our greater “organism”. This could be our family, our community, our country or our planet.

Like the heart is a vital organ pumping blood to sustain life in the rest of our body, we play a vital role in the health of our world. Imagine if the heart refused to direct blood to the liver or even to the toes – how quickly that would impact the rest of the body’s ability to function. When we make unhealthy choices for ourselves, our whole community suffers because we are not living to our potential.

When we follow our bliss – with each of the five dimensions of the self balanced and in alignment – we are infinitely powerful and can create a life and a world that sustains us in joy. We are not alone.

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